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... is what the new 10-seater gondola lift HANS IM GLÜCK (Hans in Luck) offers at SkiWelt Söll.

The new construction of the Hochsöll Salvenmoos lift is the largest single investment for the coming winter. The 2-seater chair lift built in 1998 has been replaced by an amazing 10-seater gondola lift which will offer guests a completely new dimension in comfort.

Advantage of the gondola: first and foremost there’s the safety aspect for children and ski schools, guaranteeing safe transport specially for our smallest guests!

A gondola ride will be a great fairytale adventure for children: on the outside of every second gondola there will be a picture from the fairytale "Hans in Luck". The fairytale theme is also taken up inside the gondolas as children get in and out, as well as on the beginners’ ski runs in SkiWelt Söll’s Fun Area.

The new gondola lift will also floodlit at night, making it an even more prominent feature (Wednesday to Saturday from 6.30 - 9.30 pm)

facts & figures

  • Capacity: 2,200 people an hour
  • 22 cabins
  • 450 m in length
  • 110 m altitude gain