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world’s first slope snow measuring system

Wow! So accurate

A revolution in slope grooming: the new snow measuring system, which as of this winter will be used throughout the entire SkiWelt. By means of GPS, the snow coverage of all runs will be determined to within a few centimetres. During slope grooming work, this information is passed on in real time to the drivers, who therefore know precisely how much snow is currently sitting beneath their high-performance machines. A quantum leap in snow management: each section of a run can have snow added with pinpoint accuracy – not too much and not too little. This means reduced and more targeted use of manmade snow and consequently less water and energy consumption, less fuel and shorter operating times for the snow groomers. 500,000 euros have been invested in this measure.
As many as 65 snow groomers operate night after night in the SkiWelt in order to provide the perfect conditions across the 284 kilometres of slopes for the following day. Seven of the newest high-tech snow groomers have been purchased this winter alone.

Slope snow measuring system