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Simonalm Söll

Welcome to yesterday!

In the middle of the Hexenwasser there is a place where time seems to stand still. Here stands a farmhouse over 400 years old as a proud testimony to the past - the SIMONALM. The original "Prandl" building from neighbouring Brixen was dismantled board by board and beam by beam, rebuilt here and furnished in a manner typical of the period. The former rooms and chambers are intended for storytelling, reporting and recreating life on an alpine pasture.

The idea of the Simonalm is to remember and reflect on rural life, work in the mountains and their traditions. At the Simonalm I will encounter the world of legends, stories, songs, games, recipes, prayers, farming rules, customs and traditions.

And I leave the alpine pasture, inspired and carried away by the idea of what previous generations experienced up here on the mountain. And we want to give these "legacies" a new home on the Simonalm.

Hexenwasser Experiences – included services

As an apprentice witch on the Simonalm I can...

  • ... visit the farm garden
  • ... watch the chicken in the stable
  • ... get a look in the stable and watch the cows
  • ... go into the old farming house for some chat
  • play the bell cow and learn "cow manners" with the disc cow

HeXpeditions - excluded experiences

As a warlock in the Simonalm I can...

Private and exclusive - rent your own mountain pasture

Hexklusive you can