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Winter ticket sale

Overview of all season tickets

Find all information regarding all our available season tickets here.

Since September 28 you can pre-order the SkiWelt season ticket of your choice online or conveniently buy it at the ticket office.
In the period of the lockdown, the season ticket presale at the ticket offices must be discontinued.

SkiWelt Winter Tickets

SkiWelt Winter Tickets
SkiWelt Winter Tickets

Find all information about the SkiWelt winter ticket, the SuperSkiCard Premium and the Snow Card Tirol here.

SuperSkiCard Premium

SuperSkiCard Premium
SuperSkiCard Premium

Winterticket, 10-day select skipass and 1-14 days skipass are valid in 10 skiresorts of the SuperSkiCard Premium and additionally at 22 skiresorts of the Salzburg SuperSkiCard Premium! More