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Wow! Such Amazing Experiences

"Red Viper"

At the Rinner run (46) in SkiWelt Söll, we have a new ski & boardercross line with time measurement - the "Red Viper". Watching a recording of your runs via SkiMovie is also a real highlight. The videos can then be downloaded using your ski pass number on the Skiline website!

"Black Pipe"

Been longing to feel the freedom of the powder? Now you can because a special challenge is waiting for you at SkiWelt Söll: the "Black Pipe" freeride run on the Hohe Salve for experienced skiers and snowboarders! The freeride trail takes you down the broad open terrain of the Hohe Salve. The steep section of the descent is more than 80% - a real challenge for all adrenalin junkies!


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