• All ski passes are automatically issued with the Key Card! All tariffs plus €2.00 deposit for reusable Key Card! The deposit is returned in full on surrender of an undamaged card at the ticket offices or at automated return machines! Except the TirolSnowCard - this keycard cannot be returned.
  • Mixed prices – in the case of seasons overlapping, the ticket office computer will automatically calculate a mixed price.
  • Youth and child ski passes are issued only on presentation of a valid photo ID card!
  • Methods of payment: In cash; with EC card; we accept Visa or Mastercard

Ski passes are not transferrable and must be available to show to ticket checkers without being asked. For control reasons, the owner of the pass will be photographed when passing through the turnstiles. These pictures will not be disclosed to thrid parties and will be deleted at the end of the pass's validity. Misuse will result in the immediate withdrawal of the ski pass and the imposition of a fine (at least twice the standard rate of a one-day ticket during peak season). We also reserve the right to report the matter to the police. Failure to comply with the Conditions of Carriage, disregard of the closure of ski slopes (due to the danger of avalanches and other safety reasons), disregard of the prohibition on skiing in wooded areas, or disregard of FIS rules and regulations will each result in the exclusion of carriage. Serious cases will result in withdrawal of the ski pass without compensation and criminal charges. Transfer of the ski pass to another person and extension or postponement of the period of validity are not possible. Lost ski passes will not be replaced.

Inclement weather, danger of avalanches, unforeseen departures, operational interruptions, closure of ski runs, premature termination of lift operation etc. do not constitute any claim to reimbursement or extension. With the exception of season ski passes, reimbursement is only possible in the case of sporting accidents (never in the case of illness) for ski passes with a period of validity of 3 days or more. Ski passes are only refunded to those who have been in an accident - no refunds weill be awarded to accompanying persons. Each started day is charged at the full day ticket price. Presentation of a medical certificate must be made within 2 days of the injury. Claims made later cannot be considered. Refunds incur a processing fee!

Disabled visitors with more than 70% disability (with medical evidence) will receive a reduction on all ski passes (except point cards, season tickets and Kitzbühel Alps ski passes). The ticket office computer will automatically calculate a mixed price in the case of seasons overlapping!

The individual services to which the purchased tickets entitle are provided by legally independent companies. The company selling the ticket acts for the other companies only as their representative. Therefore, only the relevant company is liable for the provision of the individual services and for all cases of compensation.

By purchasing a ski pass, the customer automatically accepts all the SkiWelt regulations mentioned above.

Information in accordance with § 12 DSG 2018 (Austrian Data Protection Law) with regard to "Photo Compare".

Information based on GDPR Art.12, 2018 on "Photocompare" & Video Surveillance

Video recording and photography are both covered based on GDPR Art. 12, 2018. Accordingly, recording an image is permissible, inter alia, if the data subject has consented to the image capture or if in individual cases a predominant interest of the processor exists and proportionality is respected. A legitimate interest may be: the protection of persons or property (video surveillance of real estate) or places (video surveillance in the public domain) which is not aimed at the identification of uninvolved persons.

For information purposes for our visitors as well as for promotional purposes for the ski area, photography and filmmaking are carried out at SkiWelt throughout the season.