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Outdoor sports & adventure school

Canyoning_Taxerklamm Erpfendorf_Schonner Roland (6)

Canyoning, Adventuring and much more... Experience an unforgettable adventure with approved guides.

Outdoor Hofer 10% discount

Outdoorsport and Adventureschool Costs
Adventuring from EUR 49,00 instead of from EUR 54,00
Canyoning from EUR 63,00 instead of from EUR 69,00
Kids from EUR 54,00 instead of from EUR 59,00

*valid if you purchase a cable car experience card from 1-14 days or a cable car experience season pass


Outdoorsport & Abenteuerschule
Hofer Roman
Oberau 31
6351 Scheffau

Tel. +43 664 1419028