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Söll Centre - Hohe SalveSalve

The Kaisermarathon starts in the centre of Söll and passes the Badhaus inn first. At km 8 you run through the village of Söll again and then take the Schattseitweg towards the Bavaria Inn. Continue via the Bergschenke up past the Rübezahlalm to the Hartkaiser and on to the Tanzbodenalm via the terrace, then on to the Jochstubensee, which you run around via the Zinsalmen. Continue via the Filzalmsee to the Hexenwasser Hochsöll, up to the Innerkeatalmen. The final circumnavigation of the Hohe Salve leads to the final ascent from the Rigialm to the finish of the Hohe Salve.

  • Kaisermarathon
  • Kaisermarathon
  • Kaisermarathon
  • Kaisermarathon

Recommended equipment

  • Running shoes
  • water bottle
  • energy bar
  • possibly gpx track

Further details and information