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Hexenminiland & Hexenkinderland

These two special training areas for children and tiny tots aim at teaching body awareness and coordination.

At "Hexenkinderland" - by the sunny Hochsöll midway lift station - there is plenty to discover. Here the terrain is perfectly tailored to your children's abilities, with a ski carousel, a kid's terrain garden, a nursery slope with fun figures and 2 magic carpets. Under the expert guidance of ski instructors, little ones from about 3 years old make quick and efficient progress. Their first skiing experiences are associated with playful learning and safety.

NEW: "Hexen Miniland", run by the Söll-Hochsöll ski school, is a large playground where children can take their first steps on skis. This paradise for young skiers is operated in conjunction with KiKo children's world, where skiing is possible from 3 years of age. Location: right next to the valley station of the Söll cable car.

Overview - Söll Hochsöll Ski School
Overview - Söll Hochsöll Ski School

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