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Greenpass Check-in ─ with Safe2Ski

2G-checks in the ski region. Wow, so easy. Wow so quick with Safe2Ski in the SkiWelt.

All ski passes (day tickets, multi-day tickets, season tickets) are to be connected once with a valid proof of 2G. Before the first use, ski passes are checked for a 2G-status. Only after a valid proof of 2G has been uploaded and connected, the ski pass is unlocked and can be used for the skilifts. Ski passes can only be unlocked for the time period that the proof of 2G is valid.
This 2G-check and unlocking the skipass can be done at the following locations:

The Safe2Ski possibilities

  • Online Check-in: In the SkiWelt Safe2Ski Check-In you can easily connect your ski pass with your proof of 2G, even before you start your holiday.You’ll need: internet connection + ticket (have the unique ski pass nr. on hand) + digital proof of 2G (QR-Code).
  • Ticket machine: You can buy your ski pass at the ticket machines in the SkiWelt valley stations. Then you can also simply connect the ski pass you bought with your proof of 2G. You’ll need your ski pass + digital proof of 2G (QR-code).
  • SkiWelt cashiers: You can also have your ski pass unlocked by our cashiers if you buy your ticket at the SkiWelt box-offices. If you have a proof of vaccination or recovery without a QR-code, this is your only option. You’ll need to bring a physical and easily readable proof of 2G.
  • SkiWelt partner: hotels, tourism boards and our other partners who sell ski passes can also unlock them through their OPUS cash registers. You’ll need your ski pass + digital proof of 2G (QR code).

SkiWelt Safe2Ski Online Check-In

SkiWelt_Button_Greenpass Safe2Ski

Step 1: click on the link Safe2Ski Check-in.

Step 2: follow the steps in the online portal Safe2Ski Check-in.

In the online portal ‘Safe2Ski Check-in’ you can connect your valid proof of 2G (proof of vaccination or recovery) with your ski pass (keycard). First, type in your unique ski pass number and click ‘continue’ to connect your valid proof of 2G. At the end, click ‘confirm’ to keep your ski pass (keycard) connected to your proof of 2G for as long as your 2G proof is valid. If you click ‘deny’, your ski pass will only be connected with your proof of 2G for today and will thus only be unlocked for today. Tomorrow and any following ski days, you’ll have to connect again to unlock your ski pass.

Here you can check-in with every kind of ski pass, where ever you've bought it. You bought your multi-regional ski ticket in an other ski region? Simply choose the ski region of purchase and you’re on your way.

Entry upon and use of the skiing area without a COVID certificate is legally not possible at this time.

In the winter season 2021/22 it is legally binding to bring a valid proof op 2G. Current regulations can be found on


  • Children to the age of 12 are exempt from the requirement to bring a proof of 2G. Nevertheless, their skiticket has to be connected to Safe2Ski. For this, you may use all Safe2Ski services.
  • Pregnant women and people who can not be vaccinated without danger for their lives or health, are also exempt from the requirement to bring a valid proof of 2G. They can only use mountain cable cars and ski lifts if they bring and show a medical statement from a medical practitioner and also have a valid negative PCR-test with them.
  • Until the 6th of December 2021, people who have recently gotten their first vaccination with a EMA vaccin may bring their proof of vaccination plus a valid negative PCR-test to make use of cable cars and ski lifts without a proof of 2G.

Proof of vaccination

If you don’t have an online Greenpass certificate with EU-standardised QR code, you can have your paper proof connected manually by our cashiers. If you don’t have a digital Covid-certificate but would like to have one, check out this information: Digitales Covid Zertifikat der EU.

Support with technical malfunctions

Our collegues at the box-offices and in the valley stations are happy to assist you during opening hours.