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Insanely educational - new hologram technology in KinderKaiserland

The Scheffau Ski School enables new teaching methods for the youngest skiers in the SkiWelt in the KinderKaiserland.
The particularly wide conveyor belt, the so-called "Helping Hands Lift" enables a child-friendly form of knowledge transfer through state-of-the-art hologram technology in the weather-protected tunnel. Snoki, the mascot of the KinderKaiserland, is the main character of the animated 3D films and always demonstrates teaching content tailored to the daily theme of the ski course: Driving a snowplough, making turns, safe speed control and evironmentally coscious behaviour on the ski slope.
During the ascent with the conveyor belt, the ski kids are thus taught knowledge in a playful way, the implementation of which takes pace directly with the ski instructor.