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Parties and Shows at ALPENIGLU®- Igloo Village

Once again this winter, great evening events will be held at the ALPENIGLU® Igloo Village, and will appear particularly mystical in the dark. LED lighting and lasers create some unique effects.

At the Ice Parties, you can expect thrilling music from the DJ, dancing and partying under the stars. The ALPENIGLU® ice sculptors also make an appearance to perform spectacular shows with their chainsaws.

The opening ceremony of the Igloo Village and the Mountain Festival promise other highlights: Fire artists will be performing at the opening of the Igloo Village. And for the high point of the season, the Mountain Festival, a firework display with music shall explode over the SkiWelt, captivating and amazing all its visitors.

All evening events are free, as are trips up to the Igloo Village. Visitors pay only once for entry into the ICE LAND exhibition and Ice Bar, which is even discounted for these evening events.