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European Best Ski Resort 2020

2. place with 16.026 votes

Travelers from all over the world have voted us to the amazing 2nd place this year. Thus, we were even able to increase one place compared to the previous year. It was chosen from 98 countries and 112,889 votes were counted. More than 16,000 votes went to SkiWelt.

In addition to all our awards, this one has a special value. The "Fan Award" was not decided by a jury, but once again by the fans and guests of the ski resorts themselves.

The whole team of the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental would like to thank you for your support. For the coming winter, 73.4 million were invested in better comfort, more service and new offers.

Thank you!

SkiWelt European Best Ski Resort Top3
SkiWelt European Best Ski Resort Top3