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Eco-friendly ski resort 2018

According to the online ski resort test portal, "the environmental protection activities of SkiWelt are exemplary."

The SkiWelt has been taking measures since the 1990s. Starting with the 100% solar-powered Sonnenlift and the Jochbahn in Brixen which has a solar system installed until
for gentle snowmaking from 15 reservoir lakes with drinking quality, naturally filled with rainfall and snowmelt. Since 2017, a sophisticated GPS-snow measuring system has been providing more efficient and resource-saving snow management. All facilities are operated exclusively with 100% renewable energy (Tiroler Wasserkraft).
The heating of various facilities, such as buildings or chair lifts, also uses renewable energy and waste heat. Sustainability is boosted by free charging stations for electric cars at car parks in SkiWelt Brixen, Hopfgarten and Scheffau.

skiresort_e09_18_de, the world's largest test portal for ski resorts, tests the Winnesr 2018 by 19 individual criteria. Since 1998, these annual awards are regarded as a major industry award by ski and snowboard fans, as well as the ski resorts themselves