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Brixentaler Bergleuchten



Brixentaler Bergleuchten Fotorecht Markus Mitterer
Brixentaler Bergleuchten Fotorecht Markus Mitterer

When dusk falls in the Brixen Valley, spectators are treated to a flaming spectacle: Over 50,000 torches form impressive fire images on the mountain slopes of the Brixental.

Every year, the "mountain light" enchants locals and guests anew when the associations from Kirchberg, Brixen im Thale and Westendorf affix their symbols, coats of arms and lettering to the freshly mown "natural canvases". The best view can be enjoyed directly on the mountain!

Around 9:30 pm the works of art are lit and transform the valley into a starry sky.

IMPORTANT INFO: This event only takes place in good weather!

Special operation of the Alpenrosenbahn I + II from 19.00 - 23.00 hrs.

  • Symbole der Vereine
    Symbole der Vereine
  • Bergleuchten Fotorecht Markus Mitterer
    Bergleuchten Fotorecht Markus Mitterer

Important: Please note the current security measures. More information directly from the organiser.


Bergbahn Westendorf
Bergliftstraße 18
AT-6363 Westendorf

Tel. 0043 5334 2000