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A magical birthday

Celebrate your winter birthday magically in SkiWelt Söll

Let’s enjoy an exciting birthday programme for little snow fans (without ski’s).
Explore the surroundings of the Raven’s Nest and the witches hut, together with the winter witch. There’s lots of possibilities to start a snowball fight or to create a snow angel. The cosy witches hut is reserved especially for you. There, a delightful magical potion awaits you and there’s also a tasty snack to go with it. Be surprised by the trics the witch has prepared for you. You’ll be amazed! There’s no bad weather - just witch weather and bad clothing.

Duration: 2 hours
Meeting point: Raven's nest
Price: € 99,87 in total for 6 kids
Ticket for gondola not included.
Reservation: untill 3 days before

The programm includes a delightful snack and is only possible after reservation:

There's also a possibility for adults to celebrate a private party in the midst of SkiWelt Söll. Skiers can book a private stay at Simonalm for their family celebrations or smaller meetings.