Calendario delle manifestazioni

May 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
17.05.2013 Ellmau Opening of summer lifts Ellmau
18.05.2013 Brixen, Hopfgarten, Scheffau, Söll und Westendorf Opening of summer lifts Brixen, Hopfgarten, Scheffau, Söll und Westendorf
18.05.2013 Hopfgarten Opening Bikepark Tirol's first Bikepark
19.05.2013 Ellmau Whitsun festival on the Hartkaiser live music
19.05.2013 Hopfgarten Family Sunday All children born 1998 and after ride free of charge when accompanied by parents.

June 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
02.06.2013 Hochsöll Hexenwasserfest
02.06.2013 Itter Tyrolean Mountain Running Championships Finish: Kraftalm Itter
from 12.00 pm with musical entertainment
Special trip on the Salvistabahn Itter (9am - 5pm)
03.+10.+17.+23.06.2013 Hochsöll The Simonalm invites Help farmer's wife, Maria, make and taste "Brodakrapfen" from 11.00am
04.+11.+18.+25.06.2013 Hochsöll Festival of the Senses Guided hike starting at 10am from the middle station at the Hexentopf. Walking time approx. 3 hours.
06.+13.+20.+27.06.2013 Hohe Salve Morning Mood on the Hohe Salve Summit breakfast at the Gipfelalm Hohe Salve hut
Meet: 7.30am at the cable car station in Söll
08.06.2013 Hochsöll Simonalm yodelling Yodelling, as part of our Alpine culture, brings joy to young and old
09.06.2013 Itter Austrian Mountain Running Championship Finish women: Kraftalm Itter
Finish men: Hohe Salve
Itter brass band play from 12.00 pm
09.06.2013 Hopfgarten 2nd Austrian Mini Cooper meeting From 3pm, at the Salvenalm Hopfgarten
11.06.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Alpine Rose Hike on the Hartkaiser with Peter Moser from the Ellmau tourist association
22.06.2013 Hohe Salve Midsummer Festival on the Hohe Salve Evening operation of the Söll and Hopfgarten lifts (7pm until 11pm)
22.06.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser
Midsummer Bonfire Festival With barbecue party on the terrace on the Hartkaiser (6pm until midnight)
22.06.2013 Scheffau - Brandstadl "Feuer am Berg" fiery midsummer festival Evening operation of Brandstadl Scheffau lift (6pm till 11 pm)
23.06.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser "Gemma Ellmi schaun.." festival What's new to explore in 2013
ab 24.06.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Gold planning Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday from 10am - 12pm
24.06.2013 Hohe Salve Festival of St.John Summit mass at 11 am on the Hohe Salve
ab 24.06.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Walking sticks and magic wand carving and rope twisting Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday from 1pm till 3.30pm
26.06.2013 Brixen im Thale HillClimb
26.06.-07.07.2013 Brixen - Westendorf- Kirchberg 18th International KitzAlpBike The most spectacular mountain bike event in the Kitzbühel Alps-Brixen, Westendorf, Kirchberg

July 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
02.07.2013 Ellmau Alpine Rose Hiking With Peter Moser from the tourist association Ellmau
06.07.2013 Going Opening of the Astberg lift
07.07.2013 Scheffau 5th Jochstub'n Lake Fest On this day, we offer guests the opportunity to sail on the Jochstubensee in our solar-powered sailboat. Tasty treats and musical entertainment from the team at the Jochstube mountain hut
07.07.2013 Ellmau Ellmi's Magic Festival Festival to mark the beginning of the school holidays. Children enjoy free rides for the day
07.07.2013 Westendorf 1st Alpinolino children's festival
14.07.2013 Hopfgarten, Brixen "Salvenbergroas" gentle hike from farm to farm on the Salvenberg mountain. Five farmers present culinary delights and traditonal crafts.
14.07.2013 Brixen im Thale - Filzalmsee Family Sunday Music at the huts, specialities from the Brixen farm ladies in the "Seminaralm"
children travel this day free on the Hochbrixen cable car
14.07.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser 6th Edelweiss carving competition with "morning pint" on the Hartkaiser
21.07.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Morning Pint with music
28.07.2013 Alpengasthof Brechhornaus in Westendorf Feast of St. Anne service at 12 noon followed by musical entertainment
28.07.2013 Hohe Salve St. Anne's Day service on the Hohe Salve
Summit mass at 11am, followed by morning pint
28.07.2013 Westendorf 2nd Alpinolino children's festival

August 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
06.08.2013 Hohe Salve Transfiguration of Christ 11am mass in the Salvenkapelle chapel
10.08.2012 Brixental Brixentaler Bergleuchten More than 40.000 torches create a magnificant fiery spectacle
11.08.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Morning pint with music 11am until 3pm
18.08.2013 Itter - Kraftalm Dairy pilgrimage 10.30 mass in the dairy chapel followed by morning pint at the Kraftalm
Special trip on the Salvista lift
18.08.2013 Westendorf 3rd Alpinolino children's festival
25.08.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Alpine brass music on the Hartkaiser mountain mass with musical accompaniment by the Ellmau brass band and musical groups

September 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
01.09.2013 Scheffau - Brandstadl Mountain mass Mass at the summit cross of the Brandstald
01.09.2013 Westendorf 4th Alpinolino children's festival
07.09.2013 Kitzbüheler Alpen KitzAlpHike 12 hour hike
08.09.2013 Hochsöll Almherbst Schuplattler group from Söll, traditional dancing at the Gründlalm restaurant
08.09.2013 Westendorf Family sunday with the Westendorf brass band. Discounted lift tariffs. Children up to 15 years of age travel free on the day when accompanied by their parents.
08.09.2013 Hochbrixen Alpine Sunday music at the huts, specialities from the Brixen farm ladies in the Seminaralm - children travel this day free on the Hochbrixen cable car
09., 11., 13.09.2013 Wilder Kaiser - Ellmau Almausklang - Alpine Festival Tasting of alpine produce, arts and crafts exhibition with music from the Wilder Kaiser region
09.-22.09.2013 Hexenwasser / Hohe Salve Hochsöller Almherbst - Alpine autumn Autumn on the mountain pastures, displayed in all its colourful glory!
14.09.-29.09.2013 Hopfgarten Culinary alpine weeks at the huts
15.09.2013 Scheffau - Brandstadl Family Sunday Children born 1998 and younger travel on the Brandstadl cable car free of charge on this day when accompanied by their parents
16., 18., 20.09.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Bergkaiser Autumn Festival home style cuisine from the Bergkaiser and region (only in good weather)
19.09.2013 Hochsöll Hochsöll's Almererfest Final preperations for the traditional "Almabtrieb" cattle drive
20.09.2013 Ellmau Alpine festival walk
21.09.2013 Brixen Brixner Almfest entertainment with live music, craftsmen and much more
25.-29.09.2013 Ellmau Alpenländischer Musikherbst (folk music festival) Hansi Hinterseer, Semino Rossi, Marc Pircher, Die Jungen Zillertaler ecc. (Morning pint on the Hartkaiser 27.09.)
28.09.-20.10.2013 Hochsöll Herbstl'n tuats (autumn's on its way) at the Hexenwasser park and the Simonalm

Oktober 2013

Datum Ort Veranstaltungsname Beschreibung
02.-05.10.2013 Wilder Kaiser - Ellmau Alpenländischer Musikherbst 2013 (folk music festival) Morning pint 04.10.2013
04.-06.10.2013 Söll Tour de Tirol running event
06.10.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser Ellmi's farewell party with competion and much more
12.10.2013 Hochsöll Simonalm yodelling, as part of our Alpine culture, brings joy to young and old.
27.10.2013 Ellmau - Hartkaiser O'grun am Bergkaiser end-of-season party with music

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