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Funny Bird Slope

SkiWelt Söll

Location: Salvenmoos (47)

The Funny Bird Slope below the Salvenmoos 2-seater chairlift offers fun for our beginners, day and night: two lines with heaps of variety and exciting obstacles: with jumps, boxes, curves and corners, tunnels, crossings and many other hurdles.

Funny Bird Slope

Opt for the Funny Bird Slope and you find yourself under the Salvenmoos 2-seater chairlift!
Line 1 consists of a 2m Jump, 3 small Corners, a 2m Snow Funbox, a 5m Up-Down Butterbox, a 3m Flat Box, a 4m Tube, two Bank Curves plus a 7m Tunnel!
On Line 2 there are two 2m Jumps, three Bank Curves, a 1/3 Tube, a Wave, a 4m Rainbow Box, two Snow Funboxes, a Snail and a Crossing! If that wasn’t enough, the Funny Bird Slope has floodlighting to illuminate its night sessions for you four times a week.

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