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Scheffau is home to what is probably Tyrol’s most beautiful and cleanest mountain and bathing lake, the Hintersteiner See, in the south-west foothills of the Kaiser range and at the heart of a nature protection area. Water also plays a major role down in the village of Scheffau which is the first ‘Kneipp für mich®’ hydrotherapy village in Tyrol. Untouched nature and winter tranquillity can be savoured on the night-time cross-country trails in particular. A magnificent children’s ski school and supervision for small children on the Brandstadl ensure relaxing skiing fun.

  • Scheffau in summer
    Scheffau in summer
  • Scheffau in winter
    Scheffau in winter


TVB Wilder Kaiser - Information office Scheffau
Dorf 28
AT- 6351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser

phone +43 50509 310
fax +43 50509 390

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